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Scotty Sire On Transitioning From Youtube Star To Artist & Explains Ant Tattoo From Thailand

By ShirleyJu | November 8, 2018 via Power 106 FM

Scotty Sire is here to prove his talents on Youtube are just as good as in the studio. With 2 million followers on IG alone, the Orange County native showcases his artistry by creating music that not only sounds good, but for the people to relate to. Earlier this year, he unleashed the visual for his critically-acclaimed single “American Love,” featuring Elijah Blake and Myles. Now, Scotty stops by Power 106 for an exclusive interview on our Now You Know series.


Meet The Vloggers Turning Their Platforms Into Activism

By Bustle Studios | October, 2018 via Elite Daily

The internet can be all things light and dark. On the dark side, there's trolling, bullying, negativity, and literal propaganda. On the bright side, there's endless support, activism, and critical conversations that push society forward. (Not to mention, cat videos and other funny things exist). Especially in these times, we're more in need of a compassionate internet than ever.


Vlog Squadder Scotty Sire Drops Self-Funded Debut Album ‘Ruin Your Party’

By Geoff Weiss | October 15, 2018 via tubefilter

Vlog Squad member Scotty Sire has released several rap and pop tracks on his YouTube channel, which counts 2.3 million subscribers. But now, the 26-year-old — who boasts 6 million followers across all platforms — has taken the plunge with the release of a full-length debut album, Ruin Your Party.


Scotty Sire: Inked People

By Inked Mag Staff | October 8, 2018


Scotty Sire is an American comedian, YouTuber and former Viner. He was born and raised in Newport Beach, California, and moved to LA for 6 months where he lived with fellow Viner, Gary Rojas. Sire's mother is Lebanese and his father is Irish, and admitted in a YouTube post that he was extremely shy and self-conscious as a child.


YouTube Star Scotty Sire Questions How We Look For Love In America In ‘American Love’ Video

By Avery Thompson | July 16, 2018 via Hollywood Life

Scotty Sire’s music video for his song “American Love” is giving us major vibes. The song, which also features Grammy Award winner Elijah Blake and Myles Parrish, is the coolest club jam. And that’s exactly what Scotty’s going for in his music video.


Scotty Sire: 'American Love' Stream & Download - Listen Here!

June 23, 2018 via justjared.com

Scotty Sire just dropped his new song “American Love” and you need to hear it! The 26-year-old social media star, who has over two million subscribers on YouTube, teamed up with Elijah Blake and Myles Parrish for the new song.


Scotty Sire: Shorty Awards finalist for Vlogger of the Year 2018

By Luke Ryan | April 15, 2018 via Celebrity Cafe

Scotty Sire got to the finals, first taking to Vine, becoming a big hit with his six-second hilarious skits, and from there he went to YouTube. He is considered the king of the comic vlog, and that's why he just might be Vlogger of the Year!


Vlogger Scotty Sire Lands On Trending Tab With Lyric Video For New Song ‘Mister Glassman’

By Sam Gutelle | January 26, 2018 via tubefilter

Since Scotty Sire launched his YouTube channel in 2014, his most-viewed videos have been musical in nature. A comedic rap called “Sad Song,” uploaded last February, has reeled in 8.5 million views. A similarly-styled track, “My Life Sucks,” arrived nine months after that and has since tallied 3.9 million views of its own.

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Jennifer Lopez Reflects on Her Most Iconic Looks Ahead of Pre-Super Bowl Concert

By US Weekly Staff | January 23, 2018 via US Weekly

Jennifer Lopez reflected on some of her most iconic looks with YouTube stars Scotty Sire and Toddy Smith ahead of her pre-Super Bowl concert.

In Us Weekly’s exclusive video, the 48-year-old singer sat down with the internet personalities, both of whom recreated the most memorable outfits from her career thus far. “We’re going to show her, hoping she likes them,” Smith said.